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Rest assured that your privacy is 100% protected by law. Your information is kept safe, phone records are deleted regularly.


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Locate Missing Persons

Polygraph/Lie Detector

Background Checks

Marital Cases

Pre-Employment Screening

Insurance Investigation


Document Examination

Drug Testing

Civil Investigation

Public Record Searches

Patent Violations

Public Records

White Collar Crime


Employee Theft

Event Security


White Collar Crimes

Financial Embezzlement

Child Retrieval

Child Abuse

Custody Cases

Infidelity/Cheating Spouse

DNA Analysis

Missing Heir Investigation

Executive/Personal Protection

Trial Preparation

Accident Investigations

Insurance Investigation

Civil Investigation

Guard Service

Elder Abuse

Medical Malpractice

International Search

Commercial Investigations

Data Retrieval

Technical Reports

Reconstruct Damaged Hardware

Recover Target Information

Metadata Identification

Audit Trails

Provide Testimony

Law Enforcement Training

Tracking Stolen Vehicles

Rescuing Victims

Tracking Stranded Motorists

Overseeing Location of Teenage Drivers

Monitoring a Child’s Location During Custody Issues

Assisting in Investigations of Infidelity

Assisting in Fraud & Theft

Why Hire Us?

Have you ever found yourself in a sticky situation that needed a proper investigation done but not by law enforcement? Well, that’s where the services of a professional private investigation company come in handy.  If you need an experienced private investigator in Florida, Case Closed Investigations is your go-to company.

With over 40 years of experience handling cases in the state of Florida, Case Closed Investigations, Inc. is your best option if you want a private investigator who will work tirelessly to deliver quick and highly reliable results not only in Florida but also in the rest of the US and the world.

Having result-driven, creative investigations as the foundation of our service, Case Closed Investigations aims at assisting you in finding the truth in any domestic, business-relation and personal issues.

Our skilled and highly trained investigators in Tallahassee, FL, know each and every aspect of investigation cases and work in close coordination with various departments and authorities.

Our investigative professionals will not only pay attention to your case and suspicions, further taking them very seriously. The investigations take shape exactly the way you want them to, and you are in complete control of the whole process. It all runs on your terms, as client satisfaction is what we strive for.

Below is a detailed insight into what kind of cases we can help you with, how discrete is our process of investigation and why you should hire us.

How much does it cost to hire a private investigator in Tallahassee, FL?

A whole spectrum of factors goes into determining the cost of hiring the services of a private investigator. The cost is dependent on the location. work complexity, and the kind of investigation case.

While some investigations can be easily completed using a computer, other cases may involve heavy surveillance and complicated checks. Most commonly, investigations are conducted on an hourly rate basis, but the cost may rise as the number of investigators, resources, and time invested in different aspects of investigation increases.

Apart from the hourly rate of investigation, sometimes, the clients may also be required to pay various expenses such as flight tickets, extra equipment costs, accommodation, etc.

The key is to go for a consultation before hiring a private investigator. You can thoroughly discuss the different costs, details, resources needed, and the expected duration of the investigation.

How discrete is it to hire a private investigator?

The investigation process at Case Closed Investigations is very discrete. Once the client gives an outline about how they want all the communications regarding the investigation to be carried out, our team will follow it to the core.

If you request for discreet communication, our investigators will only need to know where, when and how should they reach you in case a conversation needs to be made, and everything will be done accordingly.

Can You Investigate Outside of Tallahassee, FL?

We work internationally, helping you get to the truth about an individual or a business that you are concerned with–no matter where they are located. Our team can perform extensive international background checks and investigations, as well as keen surveillance wherever required.

Our professionals at Case Closed Investigations are equipped with all the skills and resources required to conduct investigators around the globe, confidentially and discretely. The understanding and trained staff here is ready to go to all lengths to uncover the case, no matter if it even calls for traveling to other cities or nations.

— Background

Insurance Fraud Investigation

Well-aware of various schemes and scams that take place in cases of insurance frauds, our team can look into the investigations wherever there’s an intent to fraudulently extract money from an entity, individual, or insurance company. It may involve auto insurance, health, travel, life, home, dental, homeowners, term life, medical, motorcycle, renters, liability, whole life and more. If the company isn’t providing you with the promised claim, don’t let your premiums get wasted, instead, hire us to safeguard your privileges.

On the other hand, if a customer seems to make false claims to extract money, we are here to help the companies too. We can use a range of methods to gather information and determine whether the claims made are true or false. The techniques may include surveillance, medical reports, previous claims, accident search, history search, insurance coverage analysis, physician bills analysis, and claimant background checks.

— Domestic or Personal Investigations

Custody Cases

If you want to prove in the court of law that a parent or guardian of a child is not the right person to care for them and need to gather appropriate and true evidence to assist the case. our team of investigators can help you. Our investigators will uncover information about the past of the current guardian or parent of the child, further working on the evidence collection that will support the claims.

For this, our investigators will go through their background, current lifestyle, past abuse charges or criminal charges. Lastly, we will prepare a written report and provide the same to you for the court proceedings.

Infidelity/Cheating Spouse

Are you afraid that your spouse or partner is cheating on you? In case you suspect them of infidelity, it can be daunting and emotionally draining to find it out by yourself. Well-trained and licensed investigators at Case Closed Investigations will work towards the same with an unbiased perspective and gather information to let you learn the truth. Once the necessary information is on hand, they will also collect evidence that can stand up in a court of law. Infidelity investigations are carried out by having a thorough discussion with the client, further going for surveillance that covers the locations, internet activities and everything else that concerns their partner or spouse.


One of the key aspects of most investigations is surveillance, which is very essential to collect the right evidence and prove the case that the client fights for. Our investigators go for very keen observation of the subject to obtain evidence in the form of videos, photographs and other recorded data that involves unfaithful partners, fraudulent injury claims, business agreement breaches, and other cases. It involves our physical observation experts when it comes to following the concerned person and obtaining proof covertly, even if it means taking the risk to closely listen to their conversations. On the other hand, electronic surveillance is performed taking the assistance of radios, televisions, phones, emails, social media and wiretapping in order to record evidence.

— Business Investigations

Due Diligence

Going for a new business endeavor calls for an accurate due diligence investigation that lets you gain an insight into a reputation assessment of a potential person ar company. Our expert investigators can help you with due diligence cases by going through all past litigations, company’s management, company’s assets, finances, performance, clients, aims, history, and other relevant issues. This will help you make a better decision when you plan to put your money in a business venture, conduct a merger, buy assets, hire an employee or more.

Corporate Investigations

When you deal with companies, businesses and individual professionals, you are also at risk of corporate scams. The corporate investigations at Case Closed begin by verifying whether the concerned entity is legit or not, or has the right assets, insurances, training, and licenses to perform the concerned task. Further, our investigators also work towards collecting necessary evidence regarding the issue of the client. When it comes to individual professionals, our investigation also consists of verifying their education, licenses, credentials and discipline records. For example, we will help you determine whether you are working with a doctor who owns the right degrees and hasn’t ever indulged in malpractices, or whether your attorney has ever been involved in frauds.


When it comes to conducting fraud investigations, our team not only determines how and when has a scam happened, but also gathers all the necessary evidence that helps to prove the same. Any acts of misinterpretation with an intention to deceive someone or an entity is a fraud. For example, if a company or organization makes certain promises regarding the products and services, they offer but doesn’t fulfill the same – it’s a case of fraud.

Other issues that our team of investigators can work on include telemarketing frauds, public corruption cases, theft of information or data, damaged reputation, or tax evasion. All the client has to do is inform us about the deceit that they suspect, and in order to back the claims, provide us with relevant evidence, if any.

Why Hire Case Closed Investigations?

We strive towards high-quality service and utmost client satisfaction. Since the last 40 years, our experienced and expert private investigators in Tallahassee, FL, have been performing a thorough evaluation of information and evidence collection to help the clients in numerous cases.

What distinguishes our licensed professionals from most investigation businesses out there is that they pay extraordinary attention to every single detail of every case while practicing the ‘never say no’ motto. Further, they commit themselves to do anything and everything it takes to help your case by finding and gathering relevant information.

Aiming to exceed your expectations, Case Closed Investigations understands your specific needs and requirements. Our investigation process is personalized to suit each of the clients while being in the legal bounds of investigation.

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