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Locate Missing Persons

Polygraph/Lie Detector

Background Checks

Marital Cases

Pre-Employment Screening

Insurance Investigation


Document Examination

Drug Testing

Civil Investigation

Public Record Searches

Patent Violations

Public Records

White Collar Crime


Employee Theft

Event Security


White Collar Crimes

Financial Embezzlement

Child Retrieval

Child Abuse

Custody Cases

Infidelity/Cheating Spouse

DNA Analysis

Missing Heir Investigation

Executive/Personal Protection

Trial Preparation

Accident Investigations

Insurance Investigation

Civil Investigation

Guard Service

Elder Abuse

Medical Malpractice

International Search

Commercial Investigations

Data Retrieval

Technical Reports

Reconstruct Damaged Hardware

Recover Target Information

Metadata Identification

Audit Trails

Provide Testimony

Law Enforcement Training

Tracking Stolen Vehicles

Rescuing Victims

Tracking Stranded Motorists

Overseeing Location of Teenage Drivers

Monitoring a Child’s Location During Custody Issues

Assisting in Investigations of Infidelity

Assisting in Fraud & Theft

Why Hire Us?

Have you ever found yourself in a sticky situation that needed a proper investigation done but not by law enforcement? Well, that’s where the services of a professional private investigation company come in handy.  If you need an experienced private investigator in Florida, Case Closed Investigations is your go-to company.

With over 40 years of experience handling cases in the state of Florida, Case Closed Investigations, Inc. is your best option if you want a private investigator who will work tirelessly to deliver quick and highly reliable results not only in Florida but also in the rest of the US and the world.

One of the professionals everyone needs to have on their contact list is a reliable private investigator. A private investigator can help you find your way out of a sticky situation where law enforcement is unable to.

If you are looking for a highly trained and experienced private investigator in Kendall, Florida, Case Closed Investigations is one of the top private investigation company in Florida. With almost four decades of experience, Case Closed Investigations has what it takes to handle any case regardless of how complex it may be. We provide fast and reliable private investigation services in Florida and the rest of the world.


It doesn’t matter where you are or where you need us to go to solve your case. Our services are available in the state of Florida, the rest of the US, and the entire world.


Our pricing model varies with each case. The final price you pay for our services depends on multiple factors such as the time needed to solve the case, the distance that will be covered, the complexity of the case, equipment needed, the number of investigators needed, among other factors. Before you hire us, we usually have a sit down with the clients to find out details about the case that will help us come up with a quote.


No one will ever know that we are working with you unless you tell them. We operate quietly with an aim to complete the mission successfully undetected. When you hire Case Closed Investigations, no details about our involvement or the case will ever come to light.


The following is a list of our most sought-after services:


1. DNA Analysis

A DNA test is the only way to find out for sure if you are biologically related to someone. A DNA test is vital particularly in establishing issues of paternity. If you doubt or suspect that someone is your child or parent, a DNA test can tell you the truth. We can help you with this.

2. Cheating Spouse

The only thing once than being cheated on by a spouse is not being sure if they are cheating or not. If you suspect that your spouse is cheating, you better confirm your suspicions sooner rather than later by hiring us to do our investigations early enough. We can follow them around to see some of their activities and if we catch them in the act, we collect the necessary evidence.

3. Child Abuse

The worst thing about child abuse cases is that most of them go unpunished mainly due to insufficient evidence. To build a strong case against a child abuser, the best way is to hire a private investigator to collect evidence to be used as the smoking gun.

4. Custody Cases

Custody hearings can be brutal if you show up unprepared. You can’t afford to be on the losing end of a custody hearing since it has a huge effect on the relationship between you and your children. A private investigator can help bring the odds in your favor by collecting evidence against the other parent or advising you on what you need to do to win. A private investigator can also monitor your child during custody hearings to ensure that they are safe and where they are supposed to be. If the other parent attempts to take off with the kids, our private investigator can stop them.

5. Child Retrieval

After divorce or separation, one parent may decide to take off with the children even if they are not supposed to under the custody agreement. We can help get your kids back to you by locating them quickly and bringing them back to you safely.

6. Surveillance

If you want to find out what goes on in a particular place or what a specific person does during a specified period of time, our surveillance team can help. Our private investigators can watch a place or anyone you need us to continuously in order to keep you in the know about what goes on. We have special surveillance equipment that helps us collect evidence even when safely far.

7. Personal Protection

Some people live their lives surrounded by external threats, some of which they may know and others which they might not. If you are a politician, dignitary, rich person, CEO, or anyone else who feels insecure, we can provide a protective detail with the training, tools, and skills needed to protect you from any external threats.

8. Trial Preparation

If you want to win a case easily, you simply need to be more prepared for it than your opponent. Our private investigators can help you get ready for a trial by arming you with sufficient evidence against the opponent and finding out what they plan to use against you.

9. Missing Heir Investigation

If a person dies and leaves their belongings to a beneficiary who is nowhere to be found, we can help track them down regardless of where they are on the globe.


1. Criminal Background Checks

Before dealing with a person, particularly in serious business matters, you should find out everything you can about them especially with regards to their criminal history. We can conduct a criminal background check on anyone to find out if they’ve ever been involved in any crimes and if so, the nature of the crimes.

2. Polygraph Tests

One of the foolproof ways to find out if anyone is telling a lie is by having them take a lie detector test. This can help you get the facts about various issues which can be used as evidence when needed.

3. Documents Examination

You should always have one of our private investigators in Kendall, FL examine all important documents you receive to ensure that they are genuine.

4. Civil Trials

If you want to defeat your opponent in a civil trial, the only weapon you have against them is gathering stronger evidence than them and annihilating them with it. We can help you collect strong evidence against your opponent as well as find out how they plan to defeat you so that you can be well prepared.


1. Due Diligence

A wise business owner always finds out everything they possibly can about a business deal before agreeing to it, particularly when it’s a big deal. Our private investigators can find out everything there is to know about the business deal and the people you plan to go into business with.

2. Corporate Investigations

Sometimes an employee, manager, or third party in your company may engage in crimes against your company. We can conduct thorough investigations to determine who is at fault and bring them to justice.

3. Patent Violations

A patent is meant to protect your ideas so that only you can profit from them. If you suspect someone is stealing your idea for their own profit, you can hire us to investigate them and find evidence that proves that, indeed, they are in violation of the patent.

4. Fraud

Fraud can go on undetected for years and lead to massive losses for a business. Proving that it happened, however, can be tough if you attempt to collect all the evidence yourself. You need a private investigator to help you collect evidence against unsuspecting fraudsters quietly in order to build a strong case against them.


1. Accident Investigations

Case Closed Investigations does accident investigations to determine what exactly happened during an accident, who is at fault and all the parties involved.

2. Missing Persons

If a person goes missing, going to the police might not help since they usually start looking for a person that has been missing for at least two days or so. If you want someone to begin the search for a missing person immediately and make it their main priority, Case Closed Investigations is your guy.

3. Medical Malpractice

If a medical facility or medical professional does or fails to do something that leads to injuries, complications or even death of a patient, the patient or their family may sue them and get compensation. However, you need to prove that the malpractice happened, which is why you need us to gather strong evidence.


1. Stolen Cars

We can help track your stolen vehicle and find it wherever it could be hidden in the US or elsewhere. We use special tools and connections to locate the stolen vehicle and if possible, ensure that the thieves are brought to justice.

2. Locating Teenage Drivers

Do not let your teenage son or daughter put their life and other road users’ lives at risk. We can help you track down your child and bring them home safely.

Why people love working with Case Closed Investigations We are the best Private investigator in Kendall, Florida for these and many other reasons:

i) Professionalism

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of private investigation services we can.

ii) Experience

We use our four decades of experience in private investigation to give our clients unmatched quality in all our services. You can be sure you are working with the best private investigator in Kendall, FL.

iii) Knowledgeable

We can handle any case you need us to regardless of how complex it seems. We are always learning new things to ensure we stay up to date with the latest trends in the industry.

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