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What We Do

Rest assured that your privacy is 100% protected by law. Your information is kept safe, phone records are deleted regularly.


Rates from $25 / Hour


Locate Missing Persons

Polygraph/Lie Detector

Background Checks

Marital Cases

Pre-Employment Screening

Insurance Investigation


Document Examination

Drug Testing

Civil Investigation

Public Record Searches

Patent Violations

Public Records

White Collar Crime


Employee Theft

Event Security


White Collar Crimes

Financial Embezzlement

Child Retrieval

Child Abuse

Custody Cases

Infidelity/Cheating Spouse

DNA Analysis

Missing Heir Investigation

Executive/Personal Protection

Trial Preparation

Accident Investigations

Insurance Investigation

Civil Investigation

Guard Service

Elder Abuse

Medical Malpractice

International Search

Commercial Investigations

Data Retrieval

Technical Reports

Reconstruct Damaged Hardware

Recover Target Information

Metadata Identification

Audit Trails

Provide Testimony

Law Enforcement Training

Tracking Stolen Vehicles

Rescuing Victims

Tracking Stranded Motorists

Overseeing Location of Teenage Drivers

Monitoring a Child’s Location During Custody Issues

Assisting in Investigations of Infidelity

Assisting in Fraud & Theft

Why Hire Us?

Have you ever found yourself in a sticky situation that needed a proper investigation done but not by law enforcement? Well, that’s where the services of a professional private investigation company come in handy.  If you need an experienced private investigator in Florida, Case Closed Investigations is your go-to company.

With over 40 years of experience handling cases in the state of Florida, Case Closed Investigations, Inc. is your best option if you want a private investigator who will work tirelessly to deliver quick and highly reliable results not only in Florida but also in the rest of the US and the world.

Are you thinking of hiring a private investigator? Case Closed Investigations is focused on delivering results. Our service, systems, and programs are built upon a history of exceptional service delivery. This is the single most important aspect that enables us to tackle the ever-changing cases over the years and also to rise up to the occasion when opportunities present themselves.

No task is too big, and no information that our customers are seeking is out of reach. This is because our investigative techniques and tools evolve just as technology changes. We understand that we are currently living in the information age. Thus, we focus on leveraging on this technology to make our work much easier and more efficient. We have state-of-the-art technology and tools to perform the kind of investigations required.

Case Closed Investigations has been serving the residents of Downtown Miami, FL for the past 35 years. Our portfolio over these three and a half decades includes fortune 500 companies, law firms, insurance companies, private citizens and small businesses. We have handled countless cases of varying complexity, which add to our wealth of experience.

Case Closed Investigations -Pricing

So how much will it cost you to hire a private investigator in Miami? This is usually not a simple question as it sounds because each private investigation case is unique. There are simple cases and others are complex bearing in mind we work with individuals and fortune 500 companies as well.

Sometimes seemingly simple cases eventually grow complex and vice versa. As such, factors that determine the pricing include the time frame, the number of investigators needed, equipment to be used, location, type of case, among other details. However, regardless of the type and the size of the case, we treat each one of them with deep scrutiny. Moreover, we don’t stop until we get to the bottom of the matter. This includes finding unexpected outcomes including establishing someone under investigation is innocent.


Majority of our business comes from returning clients. We have repeat clients because we not only offer quality services, but we are also highly discreet to protect the privacy of our clients. Once the clients have had a firsthand experience of our service, they are not only happy to return but also to refer others to us. What impresses them most is the lengths we go to ensure we get on the bottom of the matter. More importantly, we comply with the law when conducting surveillance and investigations. As such, the information retrieved can be admissible in a court of law as evidence in a bid to serve your interests.

Moreover, conducting investigations in a discreet manner enables us to get concrete evidence because the person being investigated is in the most natural state. If someone knows they are being investigated, they are likely going to hide the evidence or act in a manner that is going to mislead the investigators from the truth.

Picture this scenario: You suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, so you decide to hire just a private investigator to look into it. Because this detective, is inexperienced, unprofessional, or does not have access to the right equipment, your spouse who has not been actually cheating on you learns that you hired a private detective to follow him/her around. This puts you on the receiving end and also puts your relationship on the line.

Where We Work

While Case Closed Investigations is a Miami, FL-based agency, our private investigators follow the case wherever it leads; whether locally, nationally or even internationally. Thus, when we trail people, pose as an employee, confirm alibis, or track down and interview witnesses, we don’t stop at the U.S. borders. We pursue the evidence wherever it leads us to. Even when it requires a cross-country flight or a passport.

This means that we can meet all your investigation needs. Our goal is to help you get the answers you seek, in Downtown Miami, FL area, across the country or at the international level. This is possible because we have, local, national and international detectives who work for us. Over the 35 years of our existence, we have resolved thousands of cases locally and internationally, with some there having been deemed cold cases by the law enforcement.

Why Choose Case Closed Investigations?

Choosing the right private investigation agency is usually not an easy task especially if this is your first time. Moreover, people often look for a private investigator as the last-resort measure or when they are in a desperate situation. This increases the chances of choosing the wrong agency, which may give you the wrong results or frustrate you further and waste your hard-earned money.

As such, when looking to hire a private investigator, what you should be looking for is experience and a great track record. Having been in operation for over three decades, we have gained a wealth of experience that has enabled us to not only become an industry leader but also to effectively solve cases at record-breaking turnarounds.

We focus on: Hiring the best, with the majority of our investigators coming from law enforcement and criminal investigation backgrounds. Leverage technology to effectively solve cases. Invest in our investigators through regular training and sufficient compensation. Here are some more reasons why you should let us handle your next case.

Deep Commitment

What has kept our doors open for the many decades of service is that we are passionate and deeply committed to what we do. As a result, we have earned an unrivaled reputation for delivering results. No case is similar to the other, and neither are any two days ever the same in our line of work. When you combine this experience with our desire to solve your crisis, you are bound to get excellent investigative services.

When someone talks of a private investigator, what comes to mind is a tall guy, who wears long trench coats, sunglasses and hats, and works in a dimly lit office in some back alley. This is how Hollywood movies have shaped our perception of private investigators. However, when it comes to Case Closed Investigators, this is actually far from true. Private investigators need to blend in the crowd so that they can carry out investigations discreetly.

Our team includes female investigators. This is great because it not only adds diversity in our organization, but they are also beneficial. People do not expect to be surveilled by female investigators, and thus make the best detectives for surveillance cases. This is especially when it comes to child infidelity and custody cases. There other instances where the private investigator needs to pose as a woman, thus a woman is naturally better suited to pull this off.


Investigations are unpredictable just as their outcome. This means that our investigators need to always improvise while working a case. However, they always conform to the law even when improvising. Our clients marvel at the level of creativity and the ingenious methods we use to obtain quality and reliable information. Be it Surveillance, Undercover Investigations, Missing Persons, Background Checks among other services, our detectives obtain information through professional investigative decoys, pretext investigations, or even through undercover investigators.

Our Services

We are a full-service private investigation agency that conducts investigations for businesses, attorneys, individuals, insurance companies, and other types of businesses. Our services include:

1. Cheating Spouse or Infidelity Investigations

Do you suspect that your spouse is cheating? You deserve to know the truth for you to have some peace of mind. We understand that it is difficult for anyone to come in terms with the fact that their significant other might be cheating on them. What is even worse is living with this uncertainty for the rest of your life. Anyone in such a situation needs to get all the facts right so as you can make informed decisions and also act on protecting your well being and interest. We can help you determine whether your spouse is cheating or not.

So, what signs should you be on the lookout for? More often than not, your gut tells you that something is wrong, and you just need confirmation if what you are suspecting is true. Some common signs of cheating include:

  • Discreet or excessive use of phone or computer
  • Spending more time at work
  • Hiding their phone, bank accounts or credit card histories
  • Blaming and other defensive behavior
  • Excessive arguing of facts related to time
  • Negative projection such as accusing you of having an affair
  • Abnormal renewed sexual interest or lack of sexual interest
  • Abnormal call activity on the phone such as long tones and hang-ups
  • Lost wedding ring
  • Removal of photos or pictures from their wallet, etc.

These signs do not necessarily mean that your partner is cheating on you. However, if you notice a number of them repeatedly, you should contact Case Closed Investigations to get to the bottom of the matter. This will help you make an informed decision. Moreover, in case of divorce proceedings, our investigations can be used as evidence in court to get the ruling work to your favor.

2. Child Support, Custody, and Visitation Investigations

The single most important thing considered by the court when determining child custody is the child’s best interest. This is usually evaluated based on specific guidelines. The court focuses on ensuring that the child has a safe, stable, healthy, and loving environment. The parent or guardian who does not get custody is often allowed by the court visit the kid often. In cases of joint custody, both parents get to have the kids and different times of the week or month.

However, if you feel that the child is in an unhealthy environment or that his/her interests are not being met in the current visitation or custody arrangement, you can seek our private investigation services to help you prove your case. Our investigators will document evidence that will support your claim in court. This can include interviewing friends, relatives, neighbors, school employees, day care workers, doctors, and any other relevant party.

On the other hand, the local and state and Child Support Enforcement Agencies that are mandated to collect child support and enforce various court orders various are not as effective as most need them to be. These agencies are typically understaffed or overstretched which limits their ability to track and hold deadbeat parents accountable. Fortunately, our private detectives are properly equipped to track and build a case against deadbeat parents which include; hidden asset checks, surveillance, public records searches, undercover operations skip-tracing, and other services.

Pre-Employment Screening and Background Checks

Background checks are valuable investigation tools that we provide to businesses and individuals that need them for various reasons. This could be all you need and could also be the first step to a deeper investigation. More often than not, background checks are used together with other investigative tools to get to the bottom of an investigation. Businesses also use background checks as part of their Pre-Employment Screening. The beauty of it is that it is a confidential and discreet service.

Missing Person Investigations

The law enforcement departments primarily work on such kind of cases. However, in instances of cold cases, they will only investigate for so long given that they have other pressing commitments.

Case Closed Private investigators can pick up from where the law enforcement left off. We’ve cracked some of the missing person’s cases and location investigations that were deemed impossible. However, we recommended our clients to keep an open mind. If we establish that it is really a cold case, we notify you so as to avoid wastage of resources.

Cellular and Computer Forensics

We also employ computer technology in our investigations when necessary. Our skilled experts in the field of computer forensics scientifically analyze data retrieved legally from electronic storage media to be used as evidence in the court of law. Such forensics include data recovery of instant messages, emails, hidden files detection, internet history evaluation, among others.

We take pride in transforming situations that our clients might have deemed impossible into impressive victories. So, if you have a pressing issue that is threatening the peace of mind, call Case Closed Investigations so that we can address it ASAP!

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