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Many people in Melbourne, are under the impression that the services of a private investigation agency are of no use to them; however, you may find yourself in situations that you feel reluctant to involve the police or any other legal agency.

When under such circumstances like locating missing persons, criminal investigations, commercial surveillance and sabotage, Case Closed Investigations professionals have skills and expertise to help you even better than law or police.

Case Closed Investigations offers a wide range of investigative services to our customers throughout Florida. We have the most talented and experienced private investigators in Melbourne, FL. We are strategically located to offer our customers a 24 hours service.

We help you in the following scenarios:

  • Cell Phone Forensics / Recovering Deleted Text Messages
  • Court records
  • Find documents that pertain to government
  • Locate whereabouts of a person
  • Locate cell numbers from where any objectionable calls are made
  • Find out about infidelity in relationships
  • Find out about the family history of a person and relation to other people specified, etc.
  • Property ownership records in connection with vehicle registrations
  • Witness statements.

About Us

Case Closed Investigations is based in the state of Florida and has over 40 years of experience in the field. Our detectives are highly educated and skilled in this business. We have the skills of what it takes to get you the results you need. We have a specialist in all categories of investigative services in which we offer.

When in need of the truth, look no further than our team of licensed detectives at Case Closed Investigations. We have over 40 years of experience helping people seek justice through our private investigative services in Melbourne.

Since successful investigations involve more than filed work, we provide knowledgeable customer care services to ensure that your case will be transparent and easy from the initial contact through final accounting. Discovering the truth and peace of mind and is worth the cost of hiring our professional private investigator services.

Our Prices

We charge our customers according to the type of case, the number of private investigators needed, time taken to investigate, resources required for the investigation, and many other factors. Our prices are per case basis, as each project has its own particular requirements.

We will present you with a clear plan to cover all aspects of the mission, and our experts should be available for consultation if needed. Call us or send us an email for a free quote.


Our appointments are handled discretely by phone or in a secure office, with the additional option of data transmission by email if the client is abroad. We have agents available to travel nearly anywhere in the world to complete a mission.

We handle all projects as individual cases, with a clear separation between clients to avoid any indiscretion. We are very discreet, especially if the investigation involves personal or private matters.


Even though we are based in Melbourne, FL., we also offer international private investigation services. We cater to customers on a global level, providing them with niche and general services In every continent.

Services Offered

  1. Background

Insurance Fraud Investigation

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals that specialize in commercial and private fraud in Melbourne, FL.

Our detectives will do their best to find any fraudulent insurance claims, and the ones responsible for them to ensure they will be prosecuted accordingly.

All companies that hire our services can use the evidence collected by our detectives to file criminal or civil charges against the fraud perpetrators and avoid paying unnecessary insurance claims.

  • Domestic / Personal Custody cases

Child custody cases are among the worst experiences that parents are subject to. It is a dilemma, especially when determining the parent who will lose the child’s contact and the one to stay with the child. Since most clients are not lawyers, it becomes a difficult process because there is no guidance. You will be faced with evidence and allegations.

You should engage with negations but after knowing all the steps that are involved in child custody so that you the court rules in your favor.

Our professionals use many of the tactics and tools for collecting evidence. With our reputable private investigator service, the parents are given little or no chance to make errors.

Case Closed Investigations can provide assistance in these situations to investigate claims and past history for your child custody case.

Infidelity/cheating spouse

Unfaithfulness or infidelity is a prevalent issue in society. Well, you can see a lot of people around you who are suffering from the pain of betrayal given by their partners.

If you begin to suspect that your partner is cheating on you, you can hire our team of investigators to provide you with comprehensive and accurate information. If you are suspicious about your spouse’s behavior, hiring Case Closed Investigations can be the solution for you.


At Case Closed Investigations we specialize in cyber-crime and computer forensic investigation services in the Melbourne area. Cyber-crime deals with technical litigation support, internet investigation, digital and computer forensics, and business services. We will use our surveillance techniques to collect information about a specific target, whether it is a place, person, or thing.

We capture our surveillance data through audio recordings, video recordings, and even still pictures taken with a camera. Our surveillance services will include mobile surveillance, static surveillance, and covert electronic surveillance.

Our surveillance teams use unmarked cars and vans and, in some cases, even motorcycles are used in insurance fraud investigation claims. Do yourself a favor and rely on our professional investigator for your private surveillance assignments.

  • Business Corporate investigations

It is a competitive business world, and companies need to be careful of competitors. This is where our corporate investigations services can help. The major intention of corporate investigation is diverse types of acquisition, embezzlement of funds, irregularity in financial records, electronic offense, and other illegal activity.

We will investigate fraudulent employees, work cover, and also bug sweeping to keep company secrets safe from being leaked. Due diligence If you are entering into a deal or hiring someone new into the company, you can get their full background checks done by hiring Case Closed Investigations private investigator. Information Addressed by our due diligence investigations team include:

  • Background details of the company.
  • Profit and loss statements, balance sheets, etc.
  • Tax information.
  • Annual reports.
  • Registration details.
  • Company stock information.
  • Vendors and manufacturers the company cooperates with.
  • Developing programming and coding technologies.
  • Website design.
  • Cyber space concept.


If you feel that you are likely to be deceived by your work partner or someone else you have a formal relationship with, then investigation services can help you be safe. We offer the following fraud investigation services; insurance frauds, franchise fraud, identity thefts, work cover frauds, false advertising, benefit frauds, register fraud, products fraud, receipt fraud, and credit card fraud.

Why Hire Us?

Our experience is our asset. As professional private investigators, we offer many reliable services to help in many situations. We have highly trained detectives on the ground, anywhere you need them. We also belong to a professional association, hence proving our commitment to maintaining and even improving the industry standards in our area.

Case Closed Investigations provides many investigative services in Melbourne, FL. We are known to provide honest and accurate insurance fraud investigations to the clients.

Case Closed Investigations covers criminal cases, surveillance, divorce/custody, personal, business-related investigations, and much more.

Case Closed Private Investigator Melbourne

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